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Mercedes Benz
S-Class W222 Long

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to provide the luxury sedan experience in the world. Now it is even more luxurious and safer. Ride to your business meetings or holidays in Minsk with extra elegance.

Price From: EUR 175
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Hummer H2 Super Stretch Facelift

You want the whole town to notice your special celebration in Minsk? The Hummer H2 Super Stretch will make you the center of attention as you pull up to the club. Attention guaranteed!

Price From: EUR 215
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Bentley Flying Spur

A scintillatingly powerful ultra luxury sedan, the new Bentley Flying Spur offers unrestrained luxury and uncompromising performance. Bentley is the one brand that’s sure to turn heads and lead to plenty of envious glances.

Price From: EUR 250
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Travel together

Our luxury full-size buses are the best option for large groups and long excursions.

Minsk Buses - Mercedes Benz Travego

Mercedes Benz Travego

Looking to hire a bus in Minsk, Belarus? Travego is a perfect choice for that. Comfortable seats won't let you get tired during the trip.

40 | from 2 EUR | per person
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